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Rewiring Houses

Rewiring Houses

Did you know that rewiring your house increases its value? It also reduces the risk of an electrical fire. NC Electric & Solar Inc. offers your rewire services, so you can ensure that your electrics are safe, future-proof, and compliant with current regulations. Maintaining the condition of a property’s electrics is one of the most important responsibilities that come with being a homeowner.

If you have noticed that some outlets have a darker coloration or are prone to burning out when unplugging things from them, you should be thinking about completing the electrical wiring of your home.

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Also, if you start noticing frayed or cracked wires, it’s time to call us. Wires can dry out over time and use, leading to visible cracking or fraying. Any visible, physical damage to your home wiring such as nicks, pinches, or otherwise can be dangerous if left like that.

If you are concerned that your home may need electrical rewiring, or you have any other electrical concerns, feel free to contact NC Electric & Solar Inc. We are eager to answer any question you may have about the electrical safety of your home.

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